Bucket List Update

My work as a speech therapist is the ultimate reward.  Most of my caseload consists of 2-4 year olds who need a little extra coaxing to begin the process of using verbal language to communicate and then you can’t get them to stop talking.  I have a few kids with other disorders and diagnoses who may need alternative ways of communicating such as using a computerized device or sign language.  And then there are a couple who, for one reason or another, just have a hard time getting the words out.  This last group of kids are the ones who have so much to say but either because of stuttering or motor coordination, or some other issue, just cannot get the words out.

One of these kids (who I’ll call Noah) has such a bright personality but was completely incapable of participating in conversations, answering questions, or communicating effectively despite his desire to do so, and just last week he had his last therapy session because he had achieved all his goals.  As he left, his dad handed me a card and after reading it I just started crying because this is what makes it all worthwhile.

“Meghan, Thank you so much for helping bring out something so special in Noah – his voice.  He is now part of the conversations, instead of just a passive participant, and he has so much to say, as we always knew he would.  Your efforts this last year have forever impacted our lives.  Thank you so much.”

Bucket List: “Make a difference in someone’s life.”  Done.


  1. Meghan
    This particular entry in your bucket list will no doubt be accomplished over and over and over and over and ….. well, you get the picture!


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