Nanny’s Sausage Gravy

My grandmother, who we affectionately call “Nanny” makes THE BEST sausage gravy. I can only guess that her God-given ability to make such an amazing Southern cooked meal comes from her West Virginia genes. For years, no one really knew the recipe because she’s one of those “a little of this, a little of that” kind of cooks, but after a little cajoling and a careful eye, my uncle Reid was able to master the art of Nanny’s sausage gravy. Not only did he achieve the highest honor in Southern traditions but he has also made her simple dish into a local phenomenon. Practically everyone in Reid and Laurie’s neighborhood have begged and pleaded for the recipe, but it gives Reid even that much more pleasure and satisfaction to keep it in the family.

Just a few weeks ago, after hearing his own child come home from Reid and Laurie’s house raving about the infamous  sausage gravy, a local restaurant owner approached Reid about bringing Nanny’s sausage gravy to his restaurant to continue the Saturday morning tradition. And now Nanny is famous.


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