don’t judge

I LOVE Golden Corrall.  I know people think it’s disgusting, the scum of the earth, with food covered in deadly bacteria because it’s been sitting out for 12 days on the buffet.  But all I’m saying is, it’s SOOOOO good.  Nothing beats mac & cheese and yeast rolls from Golden Corrall.


  1. Ron and Val says:

    We used to love Bonanza – the “Golden Corral” of our early marriage. We could get 1 steak dinners incl salad and drink for something like $9.99. It was cheap and delicious. Most of them have since gone out of business. I wonder why?! :->

  2. Ron and Val says:

    Make that 2 steak dinners for a total of $9.99. THAT’S why they’ve gone out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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