Read a book yesterday with one of my kiddos at work.  The book follows a cat named Dot who, when attempting to cook using a large pot on the stove, discovers that her pot has a stain on it!  Realizing this devastating truth, she must do whatever she can to clean the stain, even going to the ends of the earth to remove the pot from the stove and wait until the heat intensity decreases so she can safely remove the treacherous stain.  This is honest-to-God the entire storyline of the book:

Dot has a pot.

Pot, pot, pot.

Dot has a hot pot.

Is the pot hot?

Yes, the pot is hot.

Yes, the pot is hot, hot, hot.

Don’t touch the pot Dot!

Dot can see a spot!

The spot is on the pot!

Can you see the spot?

Spot, spot, spot.

The spot is not hot.

The pot is not hot.

The spot on the pot is not hot.

The End.

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