Primitive wedding

This weekend, I went to a “primitive wedding”.  I wasn’t quite sure what “primitive” meant, but during breakfast the day of the wedding one of our other cousins informed me that “primitive” basically means “country”.  The wedding was beautiful, primitive and all, with ribbons and flowers and candles in mason jars set on top of log pieces.  It definitely reflected the simplistic nature of my cousin who was married and also accurately reflected her upbringing in the small town of Mullens, West Virginia.  Our cousin Brian (the Pastor Cousin) officiated the ceremony  – I’m telling you, he does everything that has to do with Jesus – and the couple seemed to really enjoy the ceremony.  They were middle school sweethearts, started dating at age 13 and have been dating on and off since then.  They entered the reception to the song Signed, Sealed, Delivered which was just perfect for their long history of “I was gone but now I’m back”.

The weekend was great overall.  On our way to West Virginia, we stopped by JMU to watch Cameron and the Aletheia Band play on the Commons.  Their base player was having some technical difficulties so Cam did a short acoustic set, which of course, included our rendition of Lie Baby Lie.  Gotta love it!  Then we headed up to WV to stay at Twin Falls State Park, on the mountain that used to be owned by the Bower side of our family.  We still call the mountain Bower’s Ridge, but it was sold to the state years ago and it’s where we always stay. As usual, we had have breakfast at the lodge, where they serve country ham and biscuits with gravy.  The wedding wasn’t until Saturday afternoon, so we spent our morning hiking to the falls – and yes, there are TWO waterfalls, contrary to popular belief… Bill.  We were even able to stand under one of the falls (which seemed to be nearly empty of water with the little rain they’ve had lately).  The wedding was Saturday afternoon, and we didn’t get back to the hotel until 9pm… that’s when the fun begins.    We’d stopped by the closest grocery store we could find for some snacks, chips, twizzlers, adult beverages, more snacks, and some more chips… cause Dad is  like a kid in a candy store in the chip aisle.  The rest of the night was devoted  playing cards in Mom and Dad’s hotel room.  We left early Sunday morning, but not before getting four sausage biscuits to go.  Sooooooo good.

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