What If…

What If: “This is a blog of ‘what if’ ideas, a collection of random thoughts that come to us at random times in random places. We’re a young creative team working in london who just like coming up with ideas. Not just advertising ideas but ideas for the real world too. And we have fun having them, so we thought this would be the perfect place to keep them. Feel free to comment. We’d love that. Together we could come up with a great idea. Don’t take it too seriously though. We don’t.”

My personal favorites…

Back up off my Peanut Butter Crunch

Cause everyone loves the smell of fresh-baked bread!

Could be one of Ron’s famous invention ideas.

I like this idea, only for the reminder of the last time you gave flowers to your girlfriend.

How about that Oreo I ate with my feeding patient this morning?

Not that I’m encouraging consumption of alcoholic beverages, but this would be a great marketing idea.

This little idea would’ve made my weekend a LOT easier.

Constant problem at the Gwaltney household.

I just usually yell REPRESENTATIVE at the computerized lady until she puts me through.


  1. I’m still pretty new at reading blogs, but I must havemissed something here – What are you talking about?

  2. Each post is a link. Click on a sentence and it’ll send you to the corresponding link.

  3. Now I get it – finally …

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