boat and pancake

When my younger brother Cameron was about 4 years old he had this old phone that had been handed down from my great grandfather.  Cameron idolized my great grandfather because he used to be a train conductor and if you asked Cameron what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would tell you he wanted to be a train… or a boat… or some other inanimate object.

So he used to play with this phone constantly, and since he used to be absolutely adorable and we clung to every word he said, we would all just sit around him and wait for him to say something cute.  He would pick up the phone and act like he was just jabbering away with a good friend, and then you’d ask him who he was talking to and honest to God, he would say “oatmeal!” or sometimes “pancake”. 

Happy 21st Birthday, Cam


  1. brings a smile to my face and sweet memories of a delightful kid, you know I wouldn’t want to go back to raising you three kids even if I could, there are amazing adults I would miss even more.

    Love you ALL, including that “Kid-in-law” as you called him.

  2. camerongwaltney says:

    hahahah so awesome! love you dude, see you Friday!!!

  3. Wanted to become a train. Became a skyscraper. Go figure.


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