THAT woman

Today I saw THAT woman… that woman who is WAY over 60 but thinks she’s 16… that woman who not only thinks she’s 16 but also thinks that it’s 1982 and is wearing (seriously, I saw this today) bright pink neon stretch capri pants, a bright neon yellow tank top, a hot pink hair clip, and chunky wedge flip flops (maybe 3-4 inches high!) that had layers of neon pink, orange, and yellow.  To top it all off, she walked into the store and asked the cashier if they sold banana clips, “You know, those neon ones?”  Of course the neon ones!  Who would waer a banana clip in their hair that was any other shade!?!?! She was visibly distraught when the cashier told her they don’t sell them anymore.

Rock on, lady.  I think I just threw up in my mouth.

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