people urk me

So I’m sitting on my couch, sipping on hot tea, and being miserable because I have strep throat AGAIN!!! and I’m watching this show Cake Boss on TLC.  You’d think I’d be over the wedding shows by now, but when you finally feel like you know what you’re doing the wedding is over and you suddenly feel this emptiness of training for a marathon that you didn’t get to run.  Granted, I did “run” my hypothetical “marathon” but for the hours and hours and more freakin hours that I spent “training”, I still feel like I need more wedding.

Anyway, I’m watching the Cake Boss, and this bride comes in with her mom and the two women fight and fight about EVERYTHING having to do with the cake.  Usually when you go in to order the cake, you already have an idea of what you want, but when the mother would give her idea the daughter would say, “No, that sounds awful.”  She was constantly saying how terrible all her mom’s ideas were and it was just disgusting to watch.  In the end, they were able to decide on a cake design, color, etc. and the baker drew it out for them.

So the bride calls the day before to see the cake (I don’t know HOW she had time to go look at a cake the day before her wedding!) and she takes one look at this beautiful three-tiered cake with handmade sugar flowers and draping and says “That is SO ugly.”  She went on to say it was the ugliest cake she had ever seen and wanted color, not all the white, and demanded a new cake.  Yeah right. The baker is obviously shocked that (1) someone could be so rude and (2) that someone could be so rude.  So he goes in the back to talk to his employees to see what they can do.  Meanwhile, this chick grabs some colored icing and “decorates” her beautiful wedding cake with five-year-old “Look mommy, I decorated my own cupcake!” style decorating.  The baker gets back and about flips his lid, seeing his once beautiful cake now covered with purple, pink, green, orange, and all the colors of God’s green Earth.  I never knew people could be so rude.  I hope he drops that cake off at her reception.  That’s just crazy.

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