Yeah, you know what I’m talking about: New Kids On The Block! Ok, so when a friend asked me if I wanted to go to the concert a while back, I figured it would be a fun night, kick back to 1st grade when NKOTB was the only thing we talked about at the lunch table, my cooler older cousin bought me a New Kids t-shirt and poster, but I wasn’t allowed to wear the t-shirt or put the poster in my room because Mom said I was too young to like New Kids On The Block. But she did get me a tape, and I WAS allowed to listen to it… that is, until my horrible older brother pulled the tape out of the plastic tape deck and held it outside the window of a moving vehicle until all the tape pulled out and my life was officially over.  

Well, I totally made up for it last night because I got to go BACKSTAGE at the NKOTB concert! I know, I know some of you think I’m completely retarded and others are totally jealous. Well let me just tell you, I never realized how excited I would be to have my 6-year old dreams come true. I can’t reveal my sources, but we didn’t just get to go back to the VIP area like a lot of people who win backstage passes on the radio. We really got to go backstage: we hung out in the catering area with New Kids and Jabawokeez (they’re rad), walked through production which was really cool to see all the video screens and sounds boards and stuff, then watched the show from the side of the stage. We could see the crowd in front of us and were only a few feet from the performers. And to think, when I told Jayson I was going to the concert he asked, ‘Why?” To fulfill my 1st-grade fantasy of meeting Joey McIntire, of course!!!

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