So for those of you who know me, you will not be surprised that I had a cooking fiasco. You see, I’m not that type of girl who plans out her meals at the beginning of the week and goes grocery shopping for all the ingredients of each meal. Then gets home after work each day to put the apron on and get into the kitchen to begin cooking supper. That sounds really nice and all, but I don’t even know where my apron is. The only reason I have an apron is because it came in a gift basket I won at an auction. And the only reason I even bid on that kitchen gift set is because it came with some pans that I didn’t have already, even though one of them is a turkey baster and I don’t even know how to baste a turkey.

So anyway… my task was to make dessert for our girls’ Bible study last night. So I get online and google “easy quick dessert”, because I figure that’s right up my alley. I find this recipe that looks really easy. Put peanut butter in between two wheat thins and dip it in chocolate. How much easier can cooking get, right? haha. I get home, immediately fling all remnents of my work day (AKA: purse, bag, planner, coat, fleece, keys, phone, scarf, etc.) on the floor cause you know from the get-go that it’s going to take ME longer to cook this stuff than the average person. So I put some water in the pot and placed a small little makeshift double boiler on top of it with chocolate chips in it. I do the whole wheat thins thing, and dip the first few in chocolate. So far, so good. After about 15 are done, I’m running out of chocolate so I pour the rest of the chocolate chips in the double boiler. Well, it was taking too long for the chocolate to melt and even when it did melt it was really really thick, so I thought to myself, “This is milk chocolate. I’ll just add more milk.” Bad idea. At the exact moment I started stirring the milk into my almost-melted bowl of chocolate, the chocolate started coagulating and got all sticky and chunky. So now I’m stuck with a bowl full of once-almost-melted-and-perfectly-fine but now-ruined-and-chunky chocolate. Ugh.

Before someone is allowed to post a supposedly “easy quick dessert” online, they should let ME try to cook it first.


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  2. […] January 22, 2009: I took on the task of trying to follow a new recipe. Not a good idea.”Before someone is allowed to post a supposedly ‘easy quick dessert’ online, they should let ME try to cook it first.” […]

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