Me, the blogger?

So I’ve been reading other blogs online a lot lately and for some reason, I keep telling myself “I should do this.” Because I think that what I have to say is really interesting? No, most of you are probably already bored. Am I really funny and every post will make you pee your pants in gut-wrenching laughter? No, my brother got those genes. But I do write a lot, and I think about writing a lot, and I like to read what other people write, so maybe… just maybe, someone will like to read what I’ve written. Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll be the only one. And that’s ok. I’ll be my own reader, I’m just that cool.

Please don’t expect much from this blog. I’ve written ONE blog  in the past 25 years of my life, so my knowledge and expertise of “how to write a great blog” is very limited, but I will tell you what you can expect: me. I’m a little quirky, almost always happy, and I have been known to have a few “blond moments” in the past. So maybe this blog will at least be a little entertaining, if not for the sake of being able to laugh at someone behind their back with their full knowledge that you’re probably already laughing at them. So enjoy. Laugh with me, laugh at me. Whatever. But keep reading. Maybe someday it will get better.


  1. […] with the people I cared about and let them in on the “little happenings of my life.” On July 28, 2008 I wrote: “Please don’t expect much from this blog. I’ve written ONE blog  in the past […]

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